African American Club 

The African-American Club of Hernando County, Inc., was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization by a group of men who had recently made their homes in Spring Hill. During the early years, the members met at various home for meetings and social activities. As membership grew, it was necessary to move to a much larger location and, eventually, to take on a more active role in the community.

In 1994, the membership undertook many fund-raising activities and voted to create an education committee to provide scholarships for needy African-American high school graduates in the three high schools in Hernando County.

In 1995, the Club awarded its first scholarships to two graduationg students at Hernando and Springstead High Schools and, after that year, scholarships were awarded to the four local high schools.

In 2001, the Club filed for and received 501(C)3 status as a tax-exempt organization.

Over the years since its founding, the Club has awarded 34 scholarships to needy African-American high school graduates in Hernando County. The club has three major sources of funding for these scholarships through our annual club events.

In addition, the Club sponsors an annual Christmas party providing books, toys and clothes for children in the local Head Start program; promotes and celebrates Black History Month with a variety of programs to which the community is invited; and, since its founding, has provided financial support to individuals and other community-based organizations.

The Club meets monthly at Regency Oaks Civic Association Club House. Located at 4445 Breakwater Blvd., Spring Hill, FL 34607  and welcomes everyone who believes and supports the mission and goals of our organization.

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