Another Turn Yoga Art Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of Art Experiences, both therapeutic and creative. Coloring, painting, mixed media, rock painting, recycled, re-purposed, mosaic, and more. Workshops with instructions by local artists, Special Events, Art Shows, Group & Private Classes Guided Artistry provides a comfortable environment for a fun time with friends and family. Step by step instructions to begin your art project, encouragement and guidance throughout the class as you explore and create your own beautiful one of the kind piece of art. Art as a social experience with family, friends, co-workers or club members, Art as healing time for one, a family or those close to you.

  As a community, we will develop programs tailored to the Tri County Area, feel free to suggest classes that appeal to you. Opportunities available for volunteer artist and helpers.

  Our mission is to cultivate a spirit of health, wellness and harmony in a pleasant, recreational sanctuary where great transformation can take place physically, mentally and spiritually through Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Education and Art, while building self-esteem, developing purposeful direction promoting mindfulness, enhancing unity and inspiring well rounded, creative, flexible and compassionate children and adults.

Please Contact Virginia A. for more information:
Email - anotherturnyogaart@gmail.com
Phone - 352-796-0925

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