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Awards Table

2016 Show Winners

FAVC  Awards 2016

Best AVSA Collection Standard- Picasso, Blue Dragon, Tiger                                       Thad Scaggs

2nd Best AVSA Collection Standard- Painted Desert, Spanish Dancer, Dress Rehearsal       Luke Reyer

Best AVSA Collection Mini/Semi- N/A

2nd Best AVSA Collection- N/A

Best in Show- Picasso                                                                                                         Thad Scaggs

2nd Best in Show- Blue Dragon                                                                                             Thad Scaggs

3rd Best in Show- Painted Desert                                                                       Luke Reyer

Best Standard- Picasso                                                                                           Thad Scaggs

Best Semiminiature- Gum Drop                                                                       Sally Scaggs

Best Miniature- N/A                                                                     

Best Trailer- Rob’s Vanilla Trail                                                                                                         Gayle Feins

Best Variegated- Picasso                                                                                                                   Thad Scaggs

Best Fantasy- Rebels Splatter Kake                                                                                    Luke Reyer                                                                   

Best Chimera- Yukako                                                                                                                        Carol Chmiko 

Best Buckeye-Buckeye Seductress                                                                                                  Thad Scaggs          

Best Lyon’s- Frozen in Time                                               Thad Scaggs               

Best Optimara- Optimara Modesty                Sally Scaggs                                                                       

Best Robinson’s- Rob’s Vanilla Trail                  Gayle Feins                                        

Best Project Plant- Alamo Explosion                            Pat Diebold                                                                          

Best Novice- Rob’s Vanilla Trail                                Gayle Feins                                                                                                                                                   

Best Unusual Container- Pacific Pearl                           Sally Scaggs   

Best Gesneriad- Thad’s Tropical Nights            Carol Chmiko                        

2nd Best Gesneriad- Longwood Gardens                    Ruth Huhner                             

Best Blooming Gesneriad- Longwood Gardens                  Ruth Huhner                    

Best Ornamental Foliage- Thad’s Tropical Nights                Carol Chmiko                     

Horticulture Sweepstakes- 15 Blue Ribbons                         Thad Scaggs    

Award of Merit- Focal Point                         Carol Chmiko                                                                      

Award of Merit- Education & AVSA Information                   Carol Chmiko

Best Design- Natural Garden                       Pat Diebold                                                                        

2nd Best Design- Mermaid’s Treasure                Pat Diebold

Best Interpretive Flower Design- Crown Jewels                 Ruth Huhner              

Best Interpretive Plant Design- Leprechaun or Pirate Treasure          Ruth Huhner                   

Best Natural Garden-           Pat Diebold                                     

Best Dish Garden-           Carol Chmiko                                         

Best Terrarium- N/A                                              

Design Sweepstakes- 3 Blue Ribbons                                  Gayle Feins                                     

'Picasso' Best in Show

'Blue Dragon' 2nd Best in Show

'Painted Desert' 3rd Best in Show

Best Other Gesneriad

Episcia 'Thad's Tropical Nights'

Grown & Exhibited by Carol Chmiko