Current Events

Friends of Chinsegut Hill - Wed., June 7, 10:30am to 1:30pm, Monthly Luncheon “Civilian Conservation Corp. at Chinsegut Sanctuary”. Pick 2 from soup, salad or quiche. Includes a tour of the manor house. $15 or members only $10 Saturday, June 17, 6pm - 9pm. Dinner on the Hill: Burial Legends. 5 courses, $45. Limited seating so reserve a spot now! Tours daily of the manor house on the top of the hour. Monday-Wed, Friday 11am - 3pm, Sat 11am - 3pm and Sun 12pm - 4pm. $5 For more info call 352-799-5400. Located at 22495 Chinsegut Hill Road, Brooksville.

UPDATED 5/23/17