1982 - 2002

                 Our Club was founded in 1982 when Christa and Fritz Neumann  thought it would be a good idea to start a German Club in this area. The first social meeting was held by Friedel Rohn  at her home on January 1982 with 10 people present.  

            The first official meeting was held in June 1982 with 22 members present. Norman & Doris  Armonat, Jacob & Charlotte Eidenschink, Bernd & Margarethe Grabert, Chris & Erika Hohwald, Donald & Ruth Hughes, Hermine Jones, Fritz & Christa Neumann, Walter & Else Niemeier, Luke & Maria, Reinhardt, Friedel Rohn, Karl & Kaethe Schlange and Walter & Emma Schmall.  

            The first officers installed were Friedel Rohn as President, Margarethe Grabert as Vice-President, Norman Armonat as Treasurer and Ruth Hughes as Secretary.  

            By March of 1983, the membership had increased to 60 members, with the club hosting many functions and socials throughout the year, including our own Octoberfest.  

           As the years passed, more dances and social events were added to the calendar and our  membership continued to increase.  

           In 1992 we celebrated the 10th. Anniversary of our Club with 170 members.  We now are proudly celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a membership that has increased to over 235. 

          Many faces come and gone but the spirit of upholding our German culture, tradition and heritage remains strong.  

        With the continuing support of our membership we look forward to celebrating many more Anniversaries in the future. 

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