Hi my name is Christine Jimenez I am the President and Creator of Leave It To Us, Inc Non Profit..Our mission is plain and simple. Collect funds and convert them into Gas Cards and or Air Fare for ( specialty cases ) to make sure you get to that medical appointment that you need to go to...

There is a criteria level for all of Hernando County. From the The A Lister's to The Average Lister's to The Unfortunate Lister's.. No one will be denied, unless you do the Orgnazation wrong. Selling gas cards, fake appointments, etc... We will know. My Sister had cancer with a breast removed. I had pre cancerous cells burned out of my body. My Mother COPD.. I know 1st hand the need to get to doctors.. And the struggle, it's real.. Been there done that and still there at times.

This is my Pay It Forward Campaign, For all the times I'd been paid too. Cut and dry.. Thank You, Sincerely Christine Jimenez, President and Daisy Rios, Vice President.

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