Members of the Nature Coast Bridge Club (NCBC) believe that playing bridge is a fun activity that helps keep them young at heart and mentally active.  They say it is also a great way to meet people and to enjoy friendly competition in a pleasant, congenial setting.

Located at 3009 Commercial Way (US 19) in Spring Hill, in the Conference Center at the south end of the Town Square Mall, NCBC is the only west Florida American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned club between Clearwater and Citrus county.   Their games span competitive levels suited to the full range of player skills and interest - from total beginner to the ACBL ranking of Diamond Life Master.   

Educational offerings by ACBL certified teachers include courses for players at all levels, and topics from the latest bidding systems and playing techniques, to hands on, learn-by-doing supervised practice sessions.  Because NCBC is a non-profit, member owned club the charges for games and classes are very reasonable. In addition, a portion of their game fees go to support local and national charities. 

NCBC members say one reason they like to play there is the opportunities to interact socially with the wide range of interesting people the game attracts. The Membership Committee works to improve the social side of membership and to encourage  players to get to know each other better as friends and fellow competitors in the most engaging game in the world.  They host several parties each year, and provide light refreshments, coffee and tea at every game at no cost to the players.

If you already enjoy playing bridge and have a regular partner, just drop in and begin to enjoy the experience.  If you need a partner, just want to know more about the game of bridge, or enjoy playing bridge but aren’t sure whether the NCBC experience is for you, contact Club Manager Gary Emke at (727)  215-7651, gemke@tampabay.rr.com or Club President Zada Moyer at (352) 382-0369, to learn more the club and what if offers.  The club web site also provides more information about  playing opportunities, classes and social activities. http://www.bridgewebs.com/naturecoast/


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