OBCMAI is a Non-Profit organization to help promote and development of country/ Gospel music artist. Age from 5 to 50+ we sing at fundraiser, Charitable event and Holiday events anything we can thought Florida or other places. We always take new members. Call Sheila Kirk at 352-597-9887

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  • There is a show in High Point Community Center at 12249 Club House Road Brooksville, Florida on
    November 20-2015 at 7:00 PM Tickets at the door , for information call Sheila at 352-597-9887 or call Huck at 352-293 3546 Clay Kirk and Velvet Leonard and Ashley Lynn will be there. They put on a great show .
  • A Great Place to Get Started Discovering What's Going On in the Music World. Join Now you'll have fun..
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