The Pennsylvania Club of Spring Hill was founded April 27, 1978 with 44 people present who became Charter Members.

The purposes of this Club are as follows: fellowship, trips, parties, picnics, hobbies, and maintaining memories of our historical background as one of the Thirteen Original States of America and the Birthplace of Brotherly Love, Independence Hall, our Liberty Bell, and any other social events the Club desires.

Membership is open to all former Pennsylvanians and their spouses/significant other who now reside in Hernando County and surrounding counties.  Yearly dues are $12. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10:30am, at Silverthorn CC.  Each meeting includes a complete lunch and either a speaker or entertainment.


Some activities which we offer include:  Fall Picnic, Holiday Luncheon in December, local day trips to various events, Show Palace Dinner Theater, Homosassa River Cruise. We also take short overnight trips.


Officers are:

  • President:  Linda Remy
  • Vice President: Linna Blevins
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jane Mazzei
  • Publicity:  Linda Remy
  • Membership/ Historian:  Sandy Lindke

We can be contacted: Phone:  352-600-8171 or 352-544-0737 or visit:www.pennsylvaniaclubofspringhillfl.weebly.com


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  • This is a great club with very friendly people.
    They now have a website: pennsylvaniaclubofspringhillfl.weebly.com
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