Spring Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church
2300 Osowaw Blvd
PO Box 3009
Spring Hill, FL 34611-3009
352-686-1143 or 352-515-6373

First Elder Simon DeGuzman 352-442-7330
Head Deacon Owen Guthrie 352-442-5907
Church Clerk Illona Sullivan 352-216-6676

Service Times:
Sabbath School Fellowship: 9:30 am
Praise & Worship Service: 11:00 am

Saturday Worship:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Prayer Meeting Every Wednesday:  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


It is our great privilege and awesome pleasure to welcome you to the Springhill Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It is my sincere hope that as you browse our website you be blessed. You may be viewing these pages not by chance, but by God’s choosing.  His hands formed you and by his providence your faith can connect you to heaven.  It is important in these difficult times to be connected and be supportive to one another. Therefore, I encourage you to continue worshiping with us, if you are already a member, or if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our church, I invite you to come to Springhill and receive the blessings that the Lord has in store for you.

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