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The Spring Hill Garden Club is holding their monthly meeting on January 22, 1:00 PM. The meeting is held at Forest Oaks Lutheran Church 8555 Forest Oaks Blvd. Peter and Annika Sangtangelo, from Canterbury Farms are our guest speakers.Topid is: Spring Flowers. Meetings open to the public, come and join us!

Spring Hill Garden Club Plant Sale

April 5 and 6, Friday and Saturday 9am - 2 pm
We have a great variety of moderately priced tried and true plants that grow in our area. Come early to get the best variety to choose from. Many of our plants are grown right here at the Botanical Gardens. We will have knowledgeable Spring Hill Garden Club members to help with questions and selections. ALL proceeds go to the upkeep of the Botanical Gardens, please come help us keep the gardens open and FREE to the public. visit our website

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Publicity Mary Brandeberry
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