The United Church of Christ is a relatively new denomination, formed in 1957 from churches of Congregational, Reformed, Evangelical, and Christian backgrounds. This merger brought to the UCC a focus on education and progressive thinking, a passion for social justice, and a long-standing emphasis on the unity of all Christians as one family in Christ.

Each congregation in the UCC has the freedom to determine its own expressions of worship and forms of organization and mission, while remaining in covenant with other churches. Individual members have the freedom to understand God and the Bible as they experience the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Spring Hill United Church of Christ was founded in 1978 by UCC members from northern states who wanted to bring the open and progressive understanding of the faith to our community. We remain committed to being a church that is welcoming to all, open to using our minds to understand our faith, and committed to reaching out to help others in our community and the world. We accept all Christian baptisms and welcome all to the communion table.


On Sunday, March 22, 2009, the congregation of Spring Hill United Church of Christ voted to become Open and Affirming (ONA). This means that, thought the church has always welcomed all persons into fellowship, it is now officially on record and acknowledged as one of nearly 1000 UCC congregations nationwide who are increasingly doing so.

  • Because we are a Christian community of faith, committed to welcoming and affirming all people as children of God, and because we believe that God calls us to celebrate each person’s uniqueness and respect the integrity of each person’s identity, life and culture.

  • We at Spring Hill United Church of Christ publicly and actively welcome and affirm people of every:

    • Age

    • Race

    • Gender

    • Ethnicity

    • Sexual identity(gay,lesbian, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual)

    • Physical, mental and emotional health

    • Economic Status

    • Family Structure

  • into the full membership, leadership, ministry, and sacramental life of our congregation. We covenant to reach out and support each other in our celebrations and sorrows, in our spiritual journeys and personal ministries, calling forth in one another the gifts of God in each of us. We pray that, guided by the Holy Spirit, we may grow in knowledge and sentitivity until we fully become the welcoming and affirming congregation of the faithful that God has called us to be.

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