The  SONS OF THE DESERT  is the international LAUREL AND HARDY fan club.  Established in New York in 1965,the organization is devoted to the appreciation of the lifves and works of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. 

Local clubs, called "tents" are named after titles of their movies.  "Tents" have been established all over the world, and a convention is held every two years.   It is strictly a social organization and it's rules and by-laws are a spoof on fraternal organizations that take themselves way too seriously.  Most Tents have monthly meetings, where films are screened, trivia contests held and pot-luck dinners are served.

If you love their films or would like to introduce family members to their work, this is the organization for you. The SONS also embrace the films made by the Hal Roach studios. (OUR GANG etc.)  Stars who have appeared in Roach films often attend, but their numbers have been dwindling recently due t their advanced age.

I would like to start a "tent" in the Spring Hill area, so if you are interested, join this group and let's see what we can put together. 

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