Temple Beth David is located at 13158 Antelope St. in Spring Hill, Florida.  Like other synagogues, it has a full range of services and activities at our building.  The schedule for the HIGH HOLY Days celebration in September and October 2016 include Selichot Service will be on September 24th at 8pm.  Erev Rosh Hashanah Service will be on October 2nd at 8pm, Rosh Hashanah Service will be  on October 3rd at 10am followed by Tashlich (5PM) at Pine Island. Kol Nidre Service will be on October 11th at 8pm, Yom Kipper Service October 12th at 10am followed by Yiskor (Memorial Service) at noon, Afternoon Service at 4PM, Neilah at 5PM and Break the Fast immediately following Neilah Service.  Sunday, October 16th will be the Sukkot Raising Service and Luncheon at noon.

Unlike other synagogues, we offer families that are remote from a synagogue, the opportunity to participate fully in our offerings.  The Beth David Yad Program connects remote Jewish individuals and families with our synagogue.  With the application of our unique video conference program you can view services live and, if it is your desire, participate. Other opportunities are available to connect  with other members of our congregation.

For those interested in theYad program, we will provide far more details as to how and what Jewish services will be provided. Please contact the Temple office at 352-686-7034.

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