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Tell your story. Young, single, pregnant? What is it like? What was it like? We want to give you a voice to tell others. Tell about your biggest challenge, helpful hints or why you would or would not choose to go down that same path again. Parents may post pics of their OWN child on the photo page. Let's not post pics of other people's kids or use last names.  

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Our first mother has written! She says:

I want to send out a thank you. I was once a single mother and had no where to turn when I needed to. Now its good to know there is a place for those woman to turn to.

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And Another Mom remembers:

I was a teen mother. I had my son at 16 years old in 1994. Because I had a family who backed me up, I graduated high school with my class. I married at 24 and had two more children.  My son is now 17, and he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby any day now. I'd like to think that my support has been instrumental in her working toward her GED so she can go on to PHCC.

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 A New Mom:

My name is Jessica and I am a new mother. While I was pregnant the The Life Center helped me out a lot, by giving me advice and walking through each part of my pregnancy with me. I attended cooking classes with The Life Center and they were informative, fun and everyone was very friendly. I had a great time. I appreciate everything the Life Center has done for me and I can't wait to attend more events with The Life Center.

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