Swap Spot:Trade what you have for what you want                  

How to do it:

Swap what you have for what you want.

First check out items & skills that are listed to see what others have  posted.

Next, add items or skills you have to swap.
Snap a photo or write a detailed description. Post it. Include your email address. 

Once you see something you want, send a message to work out the details of your swap. Offer a free item, or sweeten the deal with multiple items. When you're ready, meet up locally.

When the swap is concluded, remove the item from the post.

Tips to remember:

Swapping attracts some very well-intentioned people, but it is also going to attract some scammers. Be wary of swap offers of unequal value – chances are, if a swap sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. No real photo of their item is a red flag.

While we’re here to monitor this site and promote swapping safely, neither The Life Center nor Social Scene is involved directly in any of your swaps – we do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, or offer any swapper verification or protection services. 

We encourage swapping locally. Meeting up to exchange your items in person is the easiest way to avoid being scammed. It’s also a great way to connect locally with other swappers in our community, maybe even make new friends.

When meeting someone for the first time, however; please remember to:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Tell a friend or family member exactly where you're going – or, better yet, consider having someone accompany you.
  • Insist on meeting in a well-lit, crowded public meeting place, like a café, restaurant, library, or community center.
  • Never invite strangers to your home.
  • Be especially careful when swapping high value items, and test that the item works properly (where possible).
  • Keep your cell phone handy.

Do you have a swap to post today?

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