The Life Center of Hernando: A proposed Early Childhood Education Center


The early childhood education center will be the literal and figural heart of The Life Center program. Our onsite learning center will  truly be a “home away from home”  within a short walking distance of the child’s actual home. It has been especially designed with the young children of the single working moms in mind. Licensed care will be available for children during extended hours so the moms can work and not worry about their children. Their little ones will be well taken care of by a staff of professional child care workers. 

Not only will the center offer extended hours, it will offer an outstanding early education experience for children from the age the of six weeks to kindergarten. The youngest children will be cared for in a special infant room. Older toddlers and preschoolers will experience a creative curriculum featuring block scheduling  with endless opportunities for hands on learning. There will be opportunities for each child to discover the numerous, creative options that are open to him or her. 

The teachers will add the elements of language and encouragement as well as modeling moral and health values. Staff will receive training throughout the year including sensitivity to and appreciation for cultural differences. Each child will receive loving care and security which will foster a sense of well being, which will in turn allow the child to venture further in his explorations. Of course, parents will always be welcome to visit.

The children’s academic needs will be met with a series of classes offered each day in the areas of science and pre-math, music, art, drama, blocks and puzzles, and language arts. Materials will be arranged in an attractive, easy-to-reach manner and the emphasis will be on creativity, learning real life skills, and preparing for higher education. 

Outdoor periods will be scheduled each day in a fenced, internationally themed, play area. The play area will feature a “loose parts”  approach in which a wide variety of child-sized props will be provided for creative free play. The children won’t soon tire of the same stagnant equipment, but will instead be able to create an endless variety of their own games of pretend in the large sandbox, the woodworking shop and the many opportunities for water play. 

Nutritional needs will be met with homemade meals prepared in the school’s own kitchen and served three times a day. In addition, snacks will be available between meals. All foods will be selected based on kid appeal as well as health value.

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