" I will build thee a house"      
“I will build thee a house” 2 Samuel 7:27. These words were part of a report we sent to our supporters in October 2002. Words forgotten until a recent search through old TLC documents. Then it hit us! YES! God gave us a promise ten years ago and brought it to pass exactly 10 years later. Ten long years during which we tried in every way humanly possible to get/obtain/build/create/buy/procure/secure/beg a piece of ground on which we could bring our vision to reality. We just could’t do it. There was no way. We almost gave up. Every door was closed. How much disappointment could we endure? What else could we do? We were only human after all. The bottom line? We were human. We couldn’t, but God could.
So here we are now. October marked the ten year anniversary of that promise. We have a house. It is the house God built. It is the house most folks thought could not nor should not be rebuilt. It was a shell of a house. No electrical, no plumbing, no floor, a rotten back wall, no useable windows, doors that did not work, no interior walls, no kitchen, certainly no A/C or heating. In fact, it would have been easier to write about what was there: a decent roof.  
How did God arrange for this house to be rebuilt?  He brought together a church and a nonprofit. He took a congregation that had very few resources. He used a project overseer who had never rebuilt a building, He brought in a group of “grass root volunteers” who had no government backing. He brought in unemployed laborers. He brought in pray warriors. He brought in a community of people who caught the vision. He brought in creative ideas for fund raising. He brought in in-kind donations from the business community. He brought in people with energy and vision and hope and an understanding of why it is so important to help homeless young moms and their infants.
What does this house look like today? In all honesty, it looks pretty much the same as it always has if you were to drive by. But that is because you can’t see the roughed in plumbing, the newly installed electrical wiring, the newly installed  A/C+ Heating  unit, the water line connecting the well, the new floor, the studs outlining the interior walls. From the road you can’t see the materials stacked in every corner: the paint, the tile, the insulation, the wood for the handicap ramp, the kitchen counters, the material to cover the back wall. It is all there. Everything needed to finish the building. 
Timing is everything. We have always prayed for God’s perfect will in His perfect timing. It is time! It is time to put to use all the materials. It is time to make this dream a reality. It is time to begin The Life Center’s program. Time to bring young homeless moms and infants in from the woods. Time to pour into their lives. Time love them and point them in the direction they need to go. Time to end all the downward spiraling cycles that pass from one generation to the next.
To tell the truth, this newsletter was going to be more about the new A/C+ Heating unit. We were going to tell you we were blessed with a new unit at factory cost. How Senica Air responded so quickly to our need and in one day installed a brand new unit supplying all the labor and duct work to complete the job. How our biggest hurtle was now passed and how we would now be able to move forward. How we just needed a little more work and a few more materials and a few more inspections and we would have our occupancy permit. Instead, we have to tell you a more important message. God has built us a house. 
There will be a shift from raising money for construction, to raising money for the monthly expenses of operating a home. A shift from just knowing about moms and babies living in the woods to actually being able to offer shelter to them. 

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We want all of you to mark your calendars for our open house/ ribbon cutting ceremony at noon on December 20, 2012. It is a little bit like putting the cart before the horse, but we do have all the necessary materials and the volunteer labor to finish the job. We are cutting it close, but we want to open before winter sets in. Please join us that day at 19384 Ingram Street, Brooksville, just north of the fairgrounds.

We are now beginning to realize there will soon be a practical application to all the policies and procedures we have been