We Need Your Help. We Need Community Support.


The Life Center has a program that will change lives. It will change the life of the young mother who has the opportunity to finish her education and increase her employ ability skills. It will change the life of her infant who will not be destined to fail by the time he enters kindergarten. It will change our community as a generational cycle is broken. Dollars spent on prevention help everyone.

There are many ways to help:

  • Visit our website at  www.Lifecenter.com

    There are many ways to make a donation to The Life Center of Hernando

    Thank you for considering a donation to The Life Center of Hernando. Your donation plays a critical role in our work and is an investment in changing the lives of young single mothers and their children.

The Life Center's needs are modest. We don't have a huge overhead. We have not borrowed money. We are not in debt. Our workers are not paid. We have not received any government money. We are just a grass roots group who want to help. We have raised our own funds or relied on donations to get this far. 

Without a building, we could not offer housing. Homeless babies would just have to keep living in the woods. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we will soon be able to open our doors. But then we will need money to pay for insurance and utilities. We have some money budgeted for these items, but it will not last forever.

We promise to use every penny wisely. But we need pennies. We need your pennies and your dollars. We need one time donations and monthly commitments. We need the few dollars you won't really miss and we need donations with lots of zeros. We need it all and we thank you equally for each gift. 


 We are happy to speak with you about our work and help you choose the donation you that best fits your circumstances.

To make a donation to The Life Center of Hernando by mail please send your check or money order to:

The Life Center of Hernando

PO Box 10141

Brooksville, FL 34603